Friday, May 19, 2006


Firstly, gain knowledge is one of the consequences of watching television. It means to get a benefit or advantage for ourselves. For example, we can get new vocabulary by watching english movie, education programmes and discovery channel. On the other hand, we can also improve our communication skills by watching it. Communication skills is the process of speaking or writing to someone to exchange information or ideas. To get it, we can watch the talkshow programmes like Fast Forward, Late Night Show with David Letterman and Tyra Banks Show. Besides that, we can get to know the current issues by watching the news. For example, the late night news on TV3, TV2 and others. In addition, the anchors on TV3 late night news usually use the American english, so we can learn from them to speak American language. Hence, one of the results of watcing television is to gain knowledge.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Time is very precious. We must appreciate the time that was given us. We must use the time in a correct way. Thus, there are three effects of proper time management. Firstly, proper time management will influence us to be more discipline. For example, we must be punctual during class hour. We must come to the class before the lecture start or before the lecturer come. At the same time, we have show our respect to the lecturer. In addition, proper time management gives impact to be a systematic person. It means that we have done a work according to a careful plan and in a thorough way. For example, we not done the homework in last minute. So, our work will much more organized. At the same time, we can convince people to give us work or a responsiblity. To sum up, discipline and systematic are the impact of proper time management.

Friday, April 28, 2006


Most of the classes in Matriculation Center of International Islamic University Malaysia have air conditioner. But not all of the air conditioner are well function. If the air conditioner is not well function, the classes will getting hot. It will effect the student concentration. They cannot absorb knowledge easily. In addition, lecturers and students also will not comfortable to do process of laerning in the classes. The lecturers fill not comfortable to give knowledge to students. Sometimes, they will get angry without any reason. Students will have no mood to learn if the things happen. Moreover, the class will end earlier than it should be. Who can teach and learn in the hot situation. Neither lecturers not student. Basically, the problems with air conditioner will gives impact to lecturers and students.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006